704908 PR Advanced Laboratory (FP1)

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PR Advanced Laboratory (FP1)
PR 4

Graduates of this module shall understand the experimental mode of operation of physics by the practical execution of advanced tests. You shall have acquired the ability to carry out physical experiments independently and attained a recessed appreciation of the experimentally oriented mode of operation of physics and team ability and communication competence.

Franck-Hertz experiment, Hall effect and conductivity, diode lasers, electron spin resonance, Gaussian beams and optical resonators, muon lifetime, detection of organic trace gases, mass spectrometry, Electro-optical effect, spectroscopy of the sun, diffusion cloud chamber.

will be discussed

Valuation of preparation, performance and report.

Script will be available on OLAT.

Successful completion of the compulsory modules Physics Laboratory 2, Physics III (quanta and atoms) and at least one of the courses of the module Physics IV (nuclei and particles).

Semesterorganisation: Manfred Mark (manfred.mark@uibk.ac.at)

Beginning: Mandatory Pre-Discussion on Thursday, March 8th HS A 15:00-18:00

After the pre-discussion, there will be a lecture given on statistics and data analysis, with a special emphasis on chi-square fitting.

Group 1
Date Time Location
Thu 2018-03-08
15.00 - 18.00 HS A (Technik) HS A (Technik) Barrier-free Vorbesprechung alle Gruppen