707822 EU/2 Advanced topics in climate and cyrosphere: glaciological field course

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Advanced topics in climate and cyrosphere: glaciological field course
EU 2

The Students are able to plan, perform and analyse glacier mass balance measurements autonomously.

The students will be introduced to the basic practical techniques in glacier mass balance monitoring according to the direct glaciological method. The focus is on accumulation measurements by snow density pits and depth probings, as well as on reading and re-drilling of ablation stakes and the analysis of related data. Another topic will be mountain and glacier safety.

Various aspects related to the topic of the course will be critically reflected:  the motivation of glaciological programmes, their scientific strategy and aim.

Exercises and tutorials on the glacier and in its vicinity. Short talks and active discussions in the groups. Exercises in data analysis (individually and in groups).

Persistent presence throughout the course. Final project after the course (mass balance analysis).

Will be presented in the preliminary discussion (June).

Good physical constitution of the student is precondition for the course. It will be neccessary to overcome vertical distances of about 1000m carrying heavy backpacks. Furthermore, solid abilities for secure walking in unstable off-track terrain on ice, snow and rock are required.

not applicable

The course is mainly for masterstudents in atmospheric sciences and registrations of those will be treated with priority. 

Preliminary discussion: In June - date and time to be announced by e-mail.

Course: July 11th to 14th, presumably in Martell Valley / Ortler-Alps

Costs: 3 x halfboard on a mountain hut, (35 to 40 Euros per night and person) + drinks and extras.

All personal equipment is to be organized indvidually.




to be announced