800009 SE Islamic Mysticism: Special Issues

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SE Islamic Mysticism: Special Issues
SE 1

This seminary offers an in-depth comprehension of basic philosophical ideas, mystical concepts in the field of ethics, socio-cultural formations and contexts as well as aesthetics in the Sufi tradition.

Beginning with the discussion of selected basic terms of Sufi language within the context of the mystic path the main emphasis of this seminary is put on the key concepts formulated by Ibn Arabi and Rumi. Further themes, such as tolerance, artistic expressions and forms of religious syncretism, serve to deepen our knowledge of Sufi ethics.

Lectures and discussions using approaches from Islamic Studies, anthropology and comparative religion.

Term paper.

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  • Chittick, William C.: The Sufi Path of Knowledge. Ibn al-Arabis Metaphysics of Imagination. Albany 1989 (State University of New York Press).
  • Karamustafa, Ahmet T.: Sufism. The formative period. Edinburgh 2007 (Edinburgh University Press).

Basic knowledge about Islamic mysticism.