800611 EX Forests under climate change

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EX Forests under climate change
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It is aimed to provide knowledge for the understanding of the effect of environmental variability (especially climate change) on mountain forest ecosystems.

Influence of environmental and climate factors on growth and development of mountain forest ecosystems exposed to extreme environmental conditions will be presented.

Field course.


Pluess AR, S Augustin, P Brang (eds., 2016) Wald im Klimawandel, Grundlagen für Adaptationsstrategien, Haupt Verlag

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Termin Vorbesprechung: Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2018, 11:30 Uhr, Ort: Hörsaal A, Institut für Botanik, Sternwartestrasse 15
Freitag, 15. Juni 2018, 09:00 Uhr, Talstation Patscherkofelbahn