800702 SE Advanced studies of criticl psychology

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SE Advanced studies of criticl psychology
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The participants shall be enabled to question the (philosophical, epistemological, socio-theoretical, methodological) basics of mainstream-psychology. They will learn about specific critical approaches in Psychology.

The seminar will be an deepening of the basics of critical psychologies. There are many critical psychological approaches, such as psychoanalysis, cultural and historical approaches, feminist and poststructuralist psychologies directions. They share their criticism and delimitation of experimentally oriented mainstream of psychology and each is "dealing with a certain aspect of the social status quo" (Markard, 2009). In this seminar, participants will actively deal with mainstream Psychology and will question its goals, methodology, theory ect. based on critical Psychologies.

Critical-Psychological Literature will be read, shortly presented and discussed. Based on that, mainstream-psychological theory and practice will be deconstructed in examples. In a final paper alternatives to mainstream-psychological procedures (for examining a certain scientific question) wil be elaborated.

Collaboration, final paper.

Butler, J. (1997). The psychic life of power: Theories in subjection. Stanford University Press

Foucault, M., & Dreyfus, H. (1987). Mental illness and psychology.

Keupp, H. (1979). Normalität und Abweichung. Urban und Schwarzenberg, München.

Sieben, A., & Scholz, J. (2012). (Queer-) Feministische Psychologien. Eine Einführung. Gießen (Psychosozial-Verlag).

Zizek, S. (2013). Enjoy your symptom!: Jacques Lacan in Hollywood and out. Routledge.

Žižek, S. (2006). How to read Lacan. Granta.

Sève, L. (n.d.). The Psychology of Personality by Lucien Seve. Retrieved 15 October 2016, from https://www.marxists.org/archive/seve/works/1974/ch1/ch01.htm#s2 

Tolman, C. W., & Maiers, W. (Eds.). (1991). Critical psychology: contributions to an historical science of the subject. Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press.

Willingness to read and discuss literature and to participate actively.

Ranking of Registration: First come, first serve.

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Thu 2018-03-08
10.15 - 13.15 Container 2 Container 2
Thu 2018-03-22
10.15 - 13.30 Container 2 Container 2
Thu 2018-04-12
10.15 - 13.30 Container 2 Container 2
Thu 2018-04-26
10.15 - 13.30 Container 2 Container 2
Thu 2018-05-17
10.15 - 13.30 Container 2 Container 2
Thu 2018-06-07
10.15 - 13.30 Container 2 Container 2
Thu 2018-06-21
10.15 - 13.30 Container 2 Container 2