825074 SE Architecture as a Tone-Setter

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SE Architecture as a Tone-Setter
SE 2

The task for this workshop consists of two components . The first is dedicated to creating dynamic drawings that explore the concept of the line as the current design element and question . For this purpose, specific techniques in " Maya Hair- Modeling " tested a series of charts to create . (Online tutorials are provided , prior knowledge is not required. However, Maya must be accessible to all students) The second component is the creation of physical models , which translate the two-dimensional characteristics of the diagrams in the third dimension. All students must create a model and generate a series of diagrams / drawings each . Cooperation in groups , if desired , may be permitted . The goal for this project is the creation of complex and multi-layered drawings and models that indicate a mutual relationship and explore the properties of the dynamically controlled line. The works are considered experimental and abstract, and not per-se as architectural or scale. Nevertheless, they should be generated by a specific , controlled process and indicate possible architectural qualities . Materiality , structure and organization are critical to question and to close with Hogarth, variability of dynamic , autonomous line is to be examined on its full potential for artistic expression .

Architecture may reflect in a skyscraper, a road section, a block, a city garden, a hospital or a shopping mall etc The urban symbolism is topic of this instructional unit, will be processed analytically and be expressed in a project. Using visionary or actual tasks, the topic is processed and projected with a theoretical or drafted approach.

It finally came the hard line of modernity, which opposed vehemently and relentlessly that of Art Nouveau. As frivolous and decadent , this has now been marginalized and instead replaced with an unerring , mechanical and vernuftsmässig justified , straight lines . This new line was now rational and found its expression in the art of Mondrian - simple, universal and equally accessible to all it said . With the decline of dogmatic modernism and the advent of computer-generated design methods is currently undergoing another change of heart , which is identifiable on the treatment of the line again. This is fixed now embedded in a network of mutually dependent elements . It is often described as parametric and characterized by internal as well as external features and relationships. This line does not bind in a uniformly repetitive grid but designed heterogeneous patterns and shapes . You will not be created through direct manipulation but by a network of reciprocal relationships. What are the deeper motivations that drive us to these current forms of expression ? Complexity and subtle refinement than clearance by a century of ethics of rationality ? New technologies through which we can reflect natural processes themselves and not just natural phenomena for the first time ? A thirst for unexplored atmospheric and emotional effects ? By the next project it is to address these issues a little deeper.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations"

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