846694 SE Project Development

summer semester 2018 | Last update: 23.01.2018 Place course on memo list
SE Project Development
SE 2

special issues on project development, getting competence on special matters in PD, discussion of different examples with connection to practice.

getting acquainted with the idea of the "development pipeline", working out competences of project developers

discussion of Project examples, concerning commercial / legal / technical issues in PD, especially: - parameters of PD - design of project specifications - user specifications, user programmes, cost benefit analysis - site analysis with portfolio techniques - master planning - cost benefit relations - frame time scheduling - feasibility studies, structure and commercial analysis

project oriented learning (POL), interdisciplinarily settled groups

- collaboration check - attendance obligatory - poster, term papers

- script - presentation charts via OLAT - presentations of experts

Termine siehe 846617 SE/2, Projektentwicklung und Redevelopment im Lebenszyklus