847290 SE Particular Aspects of Light Design

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SE Particular Aspects of Light Design
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Topic : Extension of the R & D building of the beard LichtLabor (Arch. Prof. Josef Lackner ) In the construction of office buildings is usually little attention on a good day exposure. Here, with a thoughtful , daylight- optimized structure of the building quality of use as well as the efficiency of the building be increased considerably and at the same time striking architecture to be justified. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that the lighting situation at work is closely linked to productivity , motivation and well-being. For the extension of the laboratory building of the beard LichtLabor a building structure to be developed , which takes into account the architectural standards and the design parameters " light " in particular. The vote of daylight amount of daylight , sun protection , glare protection and respect to the outside are just as important as the furnishing and material concept . The individualization of the workplace in the open-plan office is another important task.

Artistic and technical aspects of designing with light in the outer and Interior, events, lighting design, light art.

Task planning phase - analysis of the essential lighting , visual perceptual psychology and optical- physical criteria - Determination of luminous indicators - luminance distribution in the room after the theoretical luminance model - Development of system requirements, system selection TL and system selection KL - Determination of materials in space ( Ecological optics) - Consideration the horizontal and vertical brightness share - Reflections on the light systems from the system requirements of the candidate light sources ( radiation pattern ....) . - Determination of light sources (lamps ) from the developed criteria representation of daylight and artificial lighting concept based on plans and model ( light calculations in Dialux program ) Exam relevant aspects of participation in the event dates , attendance will be assessed (see schedule ) as well as the project work in idea , design and conception , representation ( A3 bound + digital on CD as a PDF file ) and in a 10-minute presentation.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations"

Will be discussed in the first lesson.


Introductory lecture on 05/03/2014 by 12:00-14:00 clock, Large Lecture Room,

then on Mondays from 03.10.2014, from 12:00-18:00 clock in studio2/Zeichensaal and by appointment in the light beard Bach Academy.

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