910619 Textile and Polymer Science

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Textile and Polymer Science
KU 7

Participants will get a comprehensive, interdisciplinary training in textile and polymer science comprising basic and advanced in-class courses and practical lab works through guided executions of defined scientific projects. Gained knowledge is substantial for pursuing Master and / or Ph.D. degree in material science.

This course is divided in three parts: basics, advance understanding and lab training. The first two parts teach a basic and later advance understanding in textile chemistry and physics as well as in polymer science. These lectures will be held in the morning in the first six days. The lab training and project work in small groups is placed in the afternoon and later the whole day. Within the framework of this training, the previously received knowledge will be applied. The lab training will be supervised by the institute’s research staff based on actual research topics.

ATTENTION: Attendance fee- € 1.500,-

Following General Terms and Conditions shall apply   (https://www.uibk.ac.at/weiterbildung/zahlungs-und-stornobedingungen/)

16. - 27. July 2018, University of Innsbruck, Research Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics, Dornbirn