627652 Planning, Developing and Reflecting Chemistry Lessons

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Planning, Developing and Reflecting Chemistry Lessons
SE 2

Participants in this module learned to develop articulation schemata and recognised the relevance of professional competence as an essential precondition for didactic reduction. They got to know methods to diagnose students' pre concepts and develope different lesson concepts. Participants also experienced the relevance and forms of application of chemical experiments. 

-          Relevance of professional competence

-          Didactic reduction

-          Diagnosis of students' perceptions prior to teaching and learning (pre concepts)

-          Articulation schemata

-          Lesson concepts 

-          Different social forms

-          Presentations

-          Discussions 

-          Regular and active participation

-          Developing lesson sequences (articulation schemata) and examples of didactic reduction, development of possibilities for diagnosis of prior perceptions and lesson concepts

-          Active feedback and reflection

-          Presentations 

·         Anton Michael A.: Kompendium Chemiedidaktik, Verlag Julius Klinkhardt 2008

·         Esslinger-Hinz Ilona et al.: Der ausführliche Unterrichtsentwurf, Beltz Verlag 2013

·         Mayer Hilbert: Leitfaden Unterrichtsvorbereitung, Cornelsen Verlag, 2014


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