846402 VU Micromechanics of Materials

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VU Micromechanics of Materials
VU 2

The students learn basic concepts of tribology using selected methods of micromechanics. They understand the origin of physical properties as a function of the material morphology and the properties of the individual material phases as well as the elementary processes of friction on the nanoscopic and molecular scale. They are enabled, on the one hand, for the microstructure-based description of the material behavior as well as for the determination of the sensitivity of the behavior when the structure and morphology are changed, and on the other hand for the quantitative treatment of friction losses and their controlled control by different types of lubrication.

Methods of micromechanics for the determination of physical material properties based on the material morphology as well as the behavior of the individual phases; Application to questions in materials engineering; Material and surface characterization within the framework of the NanoLab of the University Innsbruck

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