124901 UE/20 Intensive Course German I (A1)

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Intensive Course German I (A1)
UE 20

Prerequisites: none/partly A1
Goal: A1

At this level the learner can understand everyday expressions and simple sentences aimed at the satisfaction of simple needs of a concrete type; can introduce themselves and others and ask questions about personal details - e.g. where they live, whom they know and what things they own - and can answer questions of this kind; can communicate in a simple way if the other person is sympathetic and speaks slowly and carefully.

family and friends; contacts; living; clothes and fashion; health; at the doctor’s; holiday

Linguistic Goals:
to make an appointment on the phone; to apologise; to order something; to express likes/dislikes; to complain

Structural Goals:
the present tense indicative conjugation of regular, irregular, split verbs and modal verbs - to talk about actions in the immediate present; imperative - to express commands/ advice; declination of nouns (nominative, dative, accusative); personal pronouns (nominative, dative, accusative) - to replace the subject or object of the sentence; possessive articles - to indicate possession

interactive language instruction

written and oral
final test (testing of writing, listening and reading comprehension and speaking/dialogues)

Netzwerk A1, Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch (Klett-Langenscheidt Verlag)

not applicable
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