325413 Civil Law (Private International Law)

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Civil Law (Private International Law)
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Introduction to the Italian and European system of international private law.
This course, as a part of the course on Italian civil law, will allow you to acquire basic knowledge on international private law and its references to European union law. It will consist of two parts. The first part is dedicated to general question of international private law: What is international private law? How is it different from international procedural law and uniform law? What are its sources and how does it work? How is it applied? The second part of the course will discuss the basic rules of international persons, family, succession and property law as well as in particular of international contract and tort law. The course will heavily rely on practical cases.
Lectures with case discussions; Course language: German and Italian.
The exam on international private law (both written and oral) is part of the exam on Italian civil law and international private law.
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