608107 VO Development of linguistic competences

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VO Development of linguistic competences
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The students are able to connect the acquired basic knowledge on the development of receptive and productive linguistic competences (listening, reading, speaking, writing) with practices in school (main focus: pupils aged 10 to 18). They are aware of gender- and age-specific aspects. They understand the linguistic challenges that learners are confronted with and know about adequate options when dealing with typical problems in language development.

Language acquisition is a complex task during child development, involving oral and written language. It is not only about "technical" skills like decoding letters, but especially about dealing with social practices. In this lecture, we discuss the challenges and tribulations in this process.


  • Overview on the process of language acquistion (children to adults), gender issues, cognitive development, social aspects.
  • Special developmental issues (e.g. dyslexia).
  • Main emphasis: development of speaking and listening, reading and writing in childhood and adolescence as well as the influence of school on this process.

Lecture, discussion, exercises.

Written examination.

Announced during the course.

New curriculum: compulsory module part 1b.

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