608148 PS Linguistics of Writing

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PS Linguistics of Writing
PS 2
each semester

The students will be able to

  • name  basic terms of text linguistics
  • name and apply methods of text linguistics
  • describe results of text linguistics
  • independently analyze written forms of expression based on criteria of text linguistics

The course introduces the field of text linguistics and gives a summary of the most important methods and results of the discipline. In doing so, we answer questions like: What is text? How to describe text types? What is the benefit of linguistic text analysis?

The discussed theoretical basis is applied and reflected by analyzing different text types in practice (e.g. school or journalistic text types). By means of presentations and term papers the students deepen their knowledge concerning selected foci of text linguistics (e.g. connection between text function and text structure; verbal stylistic marks as a result of verbal action).

Lecture, (preparatory) reading, discussion, exercises, presentations

Preparatory reading, participation, presentation, term paper

To be announced at the beginning of the course

Compulsory module 1

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