608285 VU Special Subjects of Conveyance of Literature: analysis of writing processes

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VU Special Subjects of Conveyance of Literature: analysis of writing processes
VU 2

The analysis of various literary manuscripts will lead us to the understanding that the process of writing can differ dramatically between two writers. We discuss questions concerning the (material) conditions of writing, the conditions of writing processes, but also the problem of authorship; with this, the issues of literary archives and the methods of scholarly editing arise: How can I represent a text that is not a beautiful or at least readable copy, but instead a manuscript with different layers of correction and amendment – without any transcription at hand? Furthermore, examples of the history of publishing houses will show us that a book can differ amazingly from the manuscript that the author handed in; and, last, but not least, we will understand why it is worth the effort to scholarly edit an already printed text anew.

Working with manuscripts: reading and transcription; attempt to understand the process of writing and the textual genesis (“Textgenese”); decision for one reading of the text (“Textherstellung”); how to represent corrections or amendments (“Textkritik”); discussion of the term “AutorInnenwille” (will of the autor); a glimpse into the correspondence of publishing houses: how the profile of the publishing house, political trends, or intellectual fashions shape texts.

working with manuscripts in groups; theoretical lessons; if possible, scholarly edition of a difficult manuscript with commentary

attendance and participation; homework; final essay (5-10 pages)


positive assessment of the Pflichtmodule 7, 18 und 23 (Bachelor)

Donnerstag, 12.00 - 13.30 Uhr ab 7.3.2019, Brenner-Archiv