641217 Dissemination of Literature: Documentary Miniatures

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Dissemination of Literature: Documentary Miniatures
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The relationship between reality and cinematic mediation has occupied documentary film in its practical and theoretical dimensions since its beginnings. The intensive work with theoretical approaches and film examples is intended to provide an understanding of documentary forms and their visual languages. We want to ask what can be captured on film and how in order to develop a short filmic-documentary work of our own.

When in 1895 L'ARRIVEE D'UN TRAIN A LA CIOTAT shows an arriving train, the myth is that viewers had jumped from their chairs and sought shelter: the cinematic presentation seemed so strong, the intervention in the reality of the audience so sudden. With this and other filmic everyday observations by the Lumières brothers (such as LA SORTIE DES USINES LUMIÈRE), which at the same time mark the beginnings of the documentary film, the first documentary miniatures were created around 1900. To this day, the small form of documentary narrative has been preserved in film and video art. Using selected examples (Warhol, Farocki, etc.), we will approach it theoretically and practically.

The course will take place in two blocks and will have workshop character. In this experimental space we will approach small documentary forms in film artistically and practically. The practical exercise provides the participants with basic knowledge of camera work and montage.

To complete the course the students have to shoot a film during the semester. In addition, active participation in discussions and short presentations will be part of the rating.

Texts and films will be made available in time.

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