714040 Crystal Physics

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Crystal Physics
VU 2

Definition of a crystal, anisotropy; scalars, vectors, tensors; dielectric susceptibility as an example for a second rank tensor; symmetric and anti-symmetric tensors; mathematical description of second rank tensors; transformation behaviour of second rank tensors; eigenvalues, eigenvectors; relationships between orthonormal and crystallographic coordinate systems; graphical representations of tensors, tensor surfaces; Neumann’s principle, influence of symmetry on the tensor components; stress tensor; strain tensor; thermal expansion, derivation of the thermal expansion tensor from diffraction data; elastic properties, compliance & stiffness, fourth rank tensors; Voigt notation; direct inspection; hydrostatic pressure, diamond anvil cells; compressibility tensor; bulk modulus; equations of state for solids; piezoelectricity, third rank tensors; electrostriction; pyroelectricity; Curie principle, symmetry of fields; birefringence, indicatrix; photo-elastic effect; electro-optical effect; non-linear optics; optical activity, gyration tensor, axial tensors


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