743269 EU Project Study in Ecology of Alpine Freshwaters

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EU Project Study in Ecology of Alpine Freshwaters
EU 3
every 2nd year

The students will have a comprehensive overview about the environmental conditions, the diversity of species and their adaptations in high mountain freshwaters and will understand their sensitivity against actual risks like climate change.

On several field days typical high mountain freshwaters (glacial, non-glacial, lakes) will be studied. Relevant environmental parameters will be measured, invertebrate assemblages qualitatively and quantitatively sampled and later in the laboratory the individual species identified. The abiotic and biotic data will be analyzed, patterns along gradients of environmental harshness tested and discussed.

Semester introduction for all students in the Master's Programme Ecology+Biodiversity:  Mo 4.3.2019, 11:00 - 12:00, Hörsaal B, Technikerstr. 25.

1.-5.7.2019, Obergurgl