800740 VU Sustainable Ecosystem Evolution in the Alpine Region: a collaborative, stakeholder oriented and inter-disciplinary perspective

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VU Sustainable Ecosystem Evolution in the Alpine Region: a collaborative, stakeholder oriented and inter-disciplinary perspective
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At the end of the module, students are able:

- to know the meaning of important core concepts (such as stakeholder theory & management, corporate sustainability, common good & collective action) and are able to critically evaluate and compare them 

- to know the situation regarding the most important limited natural ressources (such as water) from a natural sicence perspective. Further, they are able to link it to the above mentioned concepts  

- are able to appreciate the alpine region as ecosystem with stakeholders (with conflicting goals) and to develop strategies for a sustainable evolution of the ecosystem. 

- in particular, this includes the ability to identify relevat stakeholder, to develop collaborative strategies and to understand environmental, social and economic performance factors. 

- to learn from real world examples and field-trips how to put stakeholder management, sustainable ressource management etc. into practice

- to develop the skills to analyze a problem and to find solutions relevant to the implementation of sustainability management approaches in different settings;

- to critically reflect, apply and review scientific literature; 

- to structure and write a short scientific paper

- to present the results of a scientific work

Both parts (Vu and SE) of the module are characterized by engaging students in active learning, participation in discussions, presentations and field-trips. An interdisciplinary perspective combines natural science and management and business. This combination should be applied in the alpine region. 


In the first part the emphasis is put on:

- Sustainability of organisations and ecosystems from a stakeholder perspective

- the influence of organisations and stakeholders on the sustainable evolution of ecosystems

- collaborative strategies between single actors for a sustainable development of organisations and ecosystems.

- special consideration of limited natural resources in the alpine region (water management)      

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14.03.2019 9.00 ¿ 17.45 , Field Trip Euregio
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