800742 SE Religious Art in Innsbruck

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SE Religious Art in Innsbruck
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The participants should acquire the competence to "see," comprehend and "contextualize" religious art in the original from the point of view of the history of art and of theology and in doing so expand and deepen their knowledge of Christian iconography. They should get an overview of the formal and substantive transformations within the genre in the course of the centuries as well as discuss the historical and contemporary functions of religious art. 

Following a theoretical introduction including clarification of basic analytical tools and terms employed by art historians, students will have the opportunity to discuss Innsbruck's storehouse of  original religious art in the Landesmuseum, the Imperial Palace, Schloss Ambras and various churches.

Oral and written assignments as well as discussion

Students' mastery of the material will be determined on the basis of oral and written presentations. Class attendance is obligatory  

Frank Büttner, Andrea Gottdang, Einführung in die Ikonographie. Wege zur Deutung von Bildinhalten, München 2006.

Österreichische Kunsttopographie, hrsg. vom Bundesdenkmalamt, Band LII, Die sakralen Kunstdenkmäler der Stadt Innsbruck, Teil 1 und Teil 2, Wien 1995.

Ernst Rebel (Hrsg.), Sehen und Sagen. Das Öffnen der Augen beim Beschreiben der Kunst, Ostfildern 1996.

Norbert Wolf, Kunstwerke verstehen und beurteilen. Eine systematische Einführung, Düsseldorf 1984.

Weitere Literaturempfehlungen werden in der Lehrveranstaltung bekannt gegeben.


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