956574 English Skills for Legal Professions

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English Skills for Legal Professions
VO 1
every 2nd year

This seminar offers participants the opportunity to revise and develop their English communication skills which are necessary for their professional environment.

(Business) Small Talk

Describing what you do

Asking effective questions & Explaining information

Expressing probability, dis/agreement, opinion

Active Listening & Telephoning

Presenting facts and figures

Negotiating contracts

Last will

Grammar revision, specified terminology

Participants will have the opportunity to explore and develop their skills through role plays and simulations, presentations, case studies as well as individual, pair or group work. We will also work with reflections and de-briefings to create more self- and language awareness.

Oral exam done in groups where participants have to demonstrate that they have mastered the skills trained in the seminar.

Course manual „ACE - Active Communication in English“

not applicable

„English only“ during the seminar!

Group 0
Date Time Location
Fri 2019-06-21
09.00 - 18.00 UNO Saal UNO Saal Barrier-free
Sat 2019-06-22
09.00 - 12.15 UNO Saal UNO Saal Barrier-free