146603 GER 3402 - Masterpieces of German Literature in Translation

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GER 3402 - Masterpieces of German Literature in Translation
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Students gain a general understanding of linguistic and literary periods, different literary genre, and concepts such as themes and motifs.

This course involves the reading and discussion of great works of literature from the German language during a two-century period from roughly 1750-1950. Considerations of what “great works” means must by definition be included, and students are expected to read the primary works and consult secondary literature with the questions in mind: What constitutes a “masterpiece” and is this to be distinguished from masterful writing?  We will consider various literary genre, narrative methods, motifs and Zeitgeist.  German and English-language versions of the assigned readings will be distributed to each student. 

Extensive readings and active discussions.

Final grade will be determined according to the combined scores of preparation, active class participation and written final exam in roughly equal percentages.

To be discussed in the first session.  

This course is open to University of Innsbruck students.

Registration is limited. Personal contact is required: Dr. Margaret Davidson: margaret.davidson@uibk.ac.at

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Regular weekly sessions, Thursday, 9:30-11:45, Raum: GeiWi, Zi 40437
First session: October 3rd 2019, 09:30 - 11:45, Raum: GeiWi, Zi 40437