202717 VO Philosophy of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies

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VO Philosophy of Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
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Competence to critically evaluate the discourses about „interdisciplinarity“ and related keywords.

The frequently raised pleas for “interdisciplinarity“, „transdisciplinarity” and similar desiderata are indicators of perceived deficits in our science-oriented societies. However, there is still no fully consensual explication of these keywords. The lecture will introduce to the theoretical literature on this topic, describe some (more and less lucky) examples of interdisciplinarity and raise the question whether interdisciplinarity is “rewarded”, empirically spoken, in the science business.

Lecture inputs and discussion.

Written exam.

Some essays from M. Jungert u. a. (Hgg.), Interdisziplinarität. Theorie, Praxis, Probleme. Darmstadt 2. Auflage 2013.


This course is organized in cooperation with the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Brixen. Please note that for admission you have to be a registered student of the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Brixen (incl. tuition fee), additionally to the admission requirements of the University of Innsbruck. More information on the admission in Brixen: http://www.hs-itb.it/de/hochschulstudium/philosophie-studieren-in-brixen.html.

wöchentlich Do., 17:00-18:30, 2. Semesterhälfte, Philosopisch-Theologische Hochschule Brixen