223195 SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis

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SE Seminar with Bachelor's Thesis
SE 1

The graduates will be enabled to write a bachelor thesis which satisfies the formal and contentual standards of their theologic or philosophic work field as well as to describe and reflect the work process of their entire BA-studies and to publically present concept and results of their thesis in a comprehensible and appropriate way.

Focus on formalities of research in different theological and philosophical work fields; discussion on the particular conceptions in plenary or factional meetings; public presentation of the thesis.

lecture; short presentations; individual and factional exercises; plenery discussions

Attendance and cooperation; oral examination on the particular subject; valid reading list; public presentation of the thesis

Albert Raffelt, Theologie studieren. Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und Medienkunde. Freiburg 2003.

successful completion of compulsory module 1.