323906 VO Operational restructuring and Labour Law

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VO Operational restructuring and Labour Law
VO 2

The aim of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive overview of labor law-related consequences of business restructurings. Students should develop a deeper understanding of labor law-related issues associated with restructuring measures and subsequently be able to understand the implications for works constitution and employment contracts and implement the newly acquired knowledge.

  1. General information regarding business restructuring: term and forms of restructuring
  2. Transfer of Businesses, special forms (outside TUPE, AVRAG)
  3. Effects on collective bargaining agreements
  4. Effects on works constitution issues
  5. Termination of employment agreements in the context of restructuring
  6. Social plans
  7. Issues of temporary work
  8. Transnational Restructurings

Lecture and active participation of students

Participation and written exam

Shall be discussed during the first lession