402139 EX Excursion (VO International Relations - Enhanced Level)

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EX Excursion (VO International Relations - Enhanced Level)
EX 0

VO International Relations - Enhanced Level

Students are able to analyse individual section of international relations and to critically reflect their theories and methods. Thus, they know how to individually elaborate comparative theories and methods of this section.

The lecture offer an in-depth engagement with actors, structures, and processes of international relations. The theoretical focus is on international order and the actors that contribute to the emergence and change of order in international relations. The lecture's empirical focus is on the international order for the control of nuclear energy. Focusing on this policy field, the lecture will analyze key processes of international relations such as arms dynamics, arms control, deterrence or the emergence of institutions.

Lecture and reading of additional literature.

Final Exam

will be announced at the beginning of the lecture

successful completion of compulsory modules 1, 2, 3 and 8

Di, 14.01.2020 - Mi, 15.01.2020, Wien