608259 SE Contemporary German Literature

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SE Contemporary German Literature
SE 2
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Ability to describe literary, historical and cultural contexts of representative authors,  works and genres of literature and their canonization; you can describe the interaction of social, literary and cultural history; interpretation of literary texts according to scientific standards.

To appoint craft, literary and cultural historical contexts the example of representative authors works and genres to describe canonization; they can describe developments the interaction of social, literary and cultural history (among other things gender-specific); they have the skill to interpret literary texts independently according to scientific standards.

The history of radio plays must be seen in close interaction with the technical development of broadcasting technologies and its political framework. The course is dedicated to the early days of radio play in German-speaking countries, from which only a few plays are conveyed in original sound. We will focus on these original sound documents as well as on the texts.

Intensive reading and formal analysis; placement in the literary-historical context and critical review of central themes.

Familiarity with texts, presentations and participation in discussions, written paper (approx. 12 - 15 pp.).

Will be announced in the first lesson.

Module 10 and 13 completed successfully

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