611354 EX Excursion to a Hispanophone Country

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EX Excursion to a Hispanophone Country
EX 2
every 2nd year

In this course, the students will focus on the linguistic contact of Spanish in Galicia. In the first half of 2019/20, we will provide a variety of theoretical foundations and methodological steps to create our own corpora for the exploration of linguistic contact in Galicia.

During an approximately 5 day excursion to Andalusia during the semester break the corpora are prepared. They will be analyzed and interpreted during the summer semester.

Areas in which the students will gain experience:

  • Modern sociolinguistics
  • Galician-Spanish contact
  • Cultures in Galicia
  • Linguistic Disourse Analysis and Tourism

We will use methods from Discourse Analysis and from modern sociolinguistics in the field.

Participation and implemantation of the survey in Galicia.

will be announced

Good knowledge of the Spanish language, interest in field research and a burning interest in getting to know the northwestern region of Spain.

The excursion to Galicia takes place in the semester break in February 2020 and must already be paid by every student at the beginning of October 2019. In the course of the semesters 2019/20 and 2020 parts of this expenditure will be repaid by special grants. However, there will probably be an deductible in the payment of the trip.

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Die Exkursion nach A Coruña/Santiago findet über 5 Tage in den Semesterferien im Februar 2020 (voraussichtlich 18.-22.2.2020) statt., A Coruña/Santiago
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