618019 VO Genre II: Disegno, Capriccio, Paragone

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VO Genre II: Disegno, Capriccio, Paragone
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Expanded knowledge and independent application of art-historical methods on examples referred to in the lecture.


The terms disegno, capriccio and paragone will be explained within the development of theory analyzing the main texts (Giorgio Vasari, Federico Zuccari etc.). In a kind of self-reflection the artists reacted with special art works (Jacques Callot, Johannes Gumpp, Francisco de Goya etc.) to these discussions. The interaction between theory and art praxis in painting, sculpture and architecture will be the focal point


Written exam

To be announced in the course.


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Wed 2020-09-23
14.00 - 15.30 41031 UR 41031 UR Barrier-free Präsenzprüfung