618101 EX Small Excursion: Venice Biennale

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EX Small Excursion: Venice Biennale
EX 4
each semester

Teaches students critical examination, understanding and categorization of art considering the original.

The excursion lead us to the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale. In addition to the thematic exhibition in the Arsenale "May You Live In Interesting Times", we will visit the national pavilions of Austria, Switzerland and Germany, which this year – whether coincidentally or not – are represented exclusively by female artists.


Presentations, discussions in front of the original artwork.

This lecture requires continuous assessment based on active participation and written and oral exams/ presentations on location.

To be announced in the course.

LFU: online registration is required!
Excursion from

30.09. - 04.10.2019 (5 Tage), Biennale Venedig