641122 UE Latin Reading II (Poetry)

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UE Latin Reading II (Poetry)
UE 2

Expansion and consolidation of the knowledge of the Latin poetry. Consolidation of language competence and translation skills


Translation of passages from Latin poetry from various genres and periods chosen from the reading list.



Regular translation assessment


Written (Translation assessments).

1. Students must prepare the texts, i.e. read and translate them in advance and know the contents.

2. The assessments are intended to controll this. 

3. The assessments have two parts: (1) translation of a part of a Latin text from the reading list into German or English (other languages are also possible), (2) answering a few questions about the content. Both parts must be positive to pass an assessment.

4. Students must pass at least 80% of assessments in order to pass the course.

Reading list:

Vergil, Aeneis 2.305-804

Horace, Carmina 1.1-19

Tibullus, Carmina 1.1-6

Propertius, Carmina 4.1-5

Ovid, Amores 2.1-11

Ovid, Metamorphisen 12.1-535

Seneca, Oedipus 1-508

Lucan, Pharsalia 9.1-510

Statius, Thebais 8.342-760 and 9.1-85

Martial, Epigrammata 1.1-75

not applicable

Students of the Classica et Orientalia Bachelor Programme should choose Latin Reading Course with 10 ECTS

Mittwoch 09:00 - 10:30, SR2