641206 PS Text Analysis Skills: Poetics of Inversion

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PS Text Analysis Skills: Poetics of Inversion
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The purpose of this course is to enable the participants to analyse methodologically literary texts, particularly dramas, poems, and prose with respect to their specific genre forms. The participants’ methodological knowledge and know-how will be strengthened by practicing different methods of text analysis as well as by discussing literary theories. Thematically, we will focus on texts which are dealing with forms and structures of “inversions”: So the participants’ perception of inverse structures in literature (like conversion, confusion, twist, turn, mirroring) will be enhanced.

The topic of “inversion” is dealing in a broader sense with forms of confusion, twist, mirroring, and also transformation. We will focus on these phenomena and figures in literary texts (prose, drama, poetry) in form and content. Practicing different methods of text analysis, and discussing appropriate literary theories, we will read amongst others Kleist’s “Amphitryon”, Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night, or What You Will”, and Keller’s “Sieben Legenden”.

Presentations by the lecturer; short key note speeches by the students; close-readings; discussions; short papers

To accomplish the course objective the students deliver a paper of 10 pages after the term, participate actively in the discussions, prepare keynote speeches during the semester and deliver a short paper (max. 3 pages).

Terry Eagleton: How to read a poem. Oxford/Malden 2006

Eberhard Lämmert: Bauformen des Erzählens. Stuttgart 1990

Matías Martinez: / Michael Scheffel: Einführung in die Erzähltheorie. München 2012

Manfred Pfister: Das Drama. Theorie und Analyse. Stuttgart 2001

Franz K. Stanzel: Theorie des Erzählens. Göttingen 2009

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