718737 EX Live Mycology - Recognizing and Identifying Fungi in their Habitats

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EX Live Mycology - Recognizing and Identifying Fungi in their Habitats
EX 4

The students recognize the most important edible and poisonous mushrooms as well as important forest pathogens on genus level. They kow basic techniques in microscopy and staining reactions, and are able to use keys for the identification of fungi.

The students are introduced into the impressive biodiversity and ecology of macromycetes (about 7000 basidiomycetes species in Europe). The cource consists of an excursion and of a laboratory part. During the excursions we will collect fungi in a scientific way, and explain important characters and ecological interactions. In the afternoon, we will identify the collections based on scientific literature: basic techniques in taxonomy, fungal morphology and microscopy will be learned during this laboratory part.

Basic techniques in preparation of microscopic slides and light microscopy

Macrochemical reactions (Schäffer-reaction, detection of Anthraquinones, redox-reactions)

Staining techniques in microscopy (amiloidity, metachromasy, cyanophily ...)

Continuous assessment (based on regular written and/or oral contribution by participants).

Knudsen & Vesterholt 2012, Funga Nordica 1-3;

Mycokey (http://www.mycokey.com/)

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18.10.-24.10.2019, Bedonia, Val di Taro, Italien
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Wed 2019-06-26
12.30 - 14.00 SR 0/501 SR 0/501 Barrier-free Vorbesprechung zur Exkursion nach Bedonia, Val di Taro, Italien