800702 SE Design.2030: Helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals with the Design Thinking mindset and tools

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SE Design.2030: Helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals with the Design Thinking mindset and tools
SE 3


- know and understand the human centred (service) design thinking mindset, approach, procedure and tools and are capable to transfer the knowledge to meet challenges in the context of their studies, professional life, education (teaching, teaching and school development)

- know the variety of methods and tools and are able to situatively choose and use them and critically reflect on the impact

- get to know the Global Goals Design Jam are able to assess its potential regarding the design of sustainable development and of education for sustainable development.

- are able to plan a Global Goals Design Jam and support its realisation/implementation.

-strenghten their key sustainability competencies and reflect their role as multipliers.

Basics about the Sustainable Development Goals and Education for Sustainable Development.


Introduction to (Service) Design Thinking as an innovative human centered approach: theory and  practical application: mindset, process (empathize - define - ideate - prototype - test), tools, methods.


Co-creation and participatory observation of one ore more Global Goals Design Jams with high school or university students; applied (agile) project management.


Further development of the event  format on the basis of the observation analysis and reflektive discussions.


Learning Loop: Reflection on content, process and impact and on the transfer regarding an active social participation in the context of sustainable development and the future professional practice in the fields of formal education (teaching of different subjects, interdisciplinary teaching, teaching and school development), non-formal education, business, public sector, science, NPOs, NGOs, voluntary work etc.

keynotes, group works, persona, journey mapping, stakeholder and system mapping, ideation and decision findings methods, prototyping, panels, station operation, world café, participatory observation

active participation at all stages, development and test for one station (selected SDG), reflection report on one participatory observation and the own learning process

Stickdorn, M., Lawrence, A., Hormeß, M., Schneider, J. (2018): This is Service Design Doing

O´Neill, D., Fanning, A.L., Lamb, W.F. & Steinberger, J.K. (2018): A good life for all within planetary boundaries. Nature Sustainability 1, 88-95.

Rieckmann, M. (2018). Learning to transform the world: key competencies in Education for Sustainable Development in A. Leicht, J. Heiss and W. J. Byun (Hrsg.), Issues and trends in Education for Sustainable Development. (S.39-59). France: UNESCO.

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Fri 2019-11-22
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Fri 2020-01-17
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