800744 SE Prevention of sexual abuse

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SE Prevention of sexual abuse
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Understanding of the socio-cultural context and the psychodynamics of sexual violence against minors and the possibilities of prevention

Different forms of violence and corresponding definitions

Getting to know the risk and protection factors Abuse in the institutional context

Encounter with institutions for those affected as well as prevention, victim and offender work

Legal, state and church frameworks

Theories about power and violence as a psychosocial phenomenon

Preventive action and approaches to creating non-violent spaces in working with children and adolescents

Introduction to the topic - with concrete case studies; Independent elaboration of topics, peer-groups to discuss the texts, chores, self-reflection, small group work, scenic setting, group discussion, meetings with local child protection institutions.

written exam

Fegert, Jörg M./ Hoffmann, Ulrike/ König, Elisa/ Niehues, Johanna/ Liebhardt, Hubert (Hg.): Sexueller Missbrauch von Kindern und Jugendlichen – Ein Handbuch zur Prävention und Intervention für Fachkräfte im medizinischen, psychotherapeutischen und pädagogischen Bereich. Berlin, Heidelberg 2015.


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