847239 SE Spatial Design

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SE Spatial Design
SE 2

The students have a basic knowledge of the philosophical, creative, material and constructive aspects of spatial staging and object design.

„spaces“ is the central investigation for the actual semester work. Focus of research is which parameters define spaces? What gives a space a special quality? Beside physical and functional aspects, what can make a place become a special place? The research of the semester explores metaphysical parameters of spaces able to increase their architectural value.

Methodical analysis of spaces and spatial themes using drawings, charts, text and models; working in different scales, considering landscape, urban spaces, buildings, interior and object design. The result of semester work has to be processed and presented in printed form.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

08.10.19 Einführung um 11:00 Uhr, Institut