198812 VU Computer Programming Prerequisites

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VU Computer Programming Prerequisites
VU 1
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Upon successful completion of the course, students understand selected mathematical and logical concepts related to computer programming. They are able to apply these concepts for learning an imperative programming language or statistical computing.

The course covers an essential set of mathematical and logical concepts directly useful for learning computer programming. It encompasses topics such as positional number systems, Boolean algebra and vector and matrix algebra. The concepts are presented from the practical perspective in the context of computer programming.

The course consists of lecture and hands-on exercises to solve either alone or in pairs applying new skills under the supervision of the lecturer.

Course assessment is based on a regular contribution by participants instead of examinations. There are no grades, only a note on "successfully completed" (de: Mit Erfolg teilgenommen) or "not completed" (de: Ohne Erfolg teilgenommen) course. Further assessments details will be provided in the first unit.

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This basic-level course enables to bridge the gap in mathematical and logical education before starting to learn to program. It is dedicated to all bachelor and master students from study programmes without or with minimal coverage of topics related to mathematics, logic or statistics. Take a short self-test to check your skills and get our recommendations. 

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