402033 PS European Integration - Introductory Level

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PS European Integration - Introductory Level
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BA § 5 (1) 5.b European Integration - Introduction

Students acquire the ability to explain and describe the process of European integration and how the European Union works. They are able to analyse and independently answer the questions concerning the institutions, decision-making processes and policy fields in the political system of the EU and its member states.

The major objective of “EU lobbyism” is to influence EU policy formulation and decision by European institutions. In order to understand the impact of EU Lobbying, it is crucial to take a closer look to lobbyist’s access to EU stakeholders in general. In this seminar, we will therefore study the role of interest groups by investigating their organizational behaviour, their composition, their strategies and their issue areas and last but not least their success. Furthermore, the seminar highlights efforts to improve transparency, codes of conduct and ethical standards in EU decision-making. The main purpose of the seminar is to uncover which interests are active and why, which EU institutions are targets of lobbyism, and when and why interest groups gain access.

We shall take a closer look at theories and methodological challenges the social sciences offer to describe the institutional settings and operative contexts of interest representation. On top of that, key actors and instruments of interest representation will be analyzed and selected empirical studies of interest group lobbying across different policy areas discusses.

For a successful completion it is requested that participants show continuous presence, active participation in the discussions, oral opening statements (topic to be chosen from the list); public affairs poster analysis (in class), Essay (2,5 to 3 pages)

Dialer, D.; Richter, M. (2019): Lobbying in the European Union. Successful Strategies and Techniques. Springer.
Dialer, D., Füricht-Fiegl, G. (2014): EU Think Tanks in the Back Seat? Perspectives for the 21st Century. In: Spindler, M.; Van der Zouwen, T. (Eds.): On the Move: Patterns, Power, Politics, COS (Challenging Organizations and Society) Journal Volume 3, Issue 2, 561-569.
Dialer, D. (2014): The Role of Lobbying in the European Union, Alpbach News Magazine, Legal Symposium 20/21-08-2014.

successful completion of the module according to § 5 Para 1 No 1

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Fri 2020-05-15
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