402104 SE European Integration - Enhanced Level

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SE European Integration - Enhanced Level
SE 2
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BA § 5 (1) 10.b European Integration - Enhanced Level

Students are able to explain the functionality and differentiation of the political system of the EU. They discuss and answer questions illustrated by individual organs and institutions of internal and institutional decision-making processes and the characteristics of individual political fields.

1.       Session: introduction into the overall seminar topic, content, style and syllabus; distribution of paper topics; introduction into sustainable development and its relevance for climate policies

2.       Session: Discussion of EU Climate Action approach

3.       Session: Scientific reflection on selected EU Climate Action policies through in class presentations by participants and related discussion; academic workshop style




Key seminar objectives are to:

          introduce students to key elements of the concept of sustainability;

          analyse the conceptual characteristics, policy coherence and international embedment of the ‘EU’s Climate Action’;

          encourage students to assess the ‘EU’s Climate Action’ approach in view of its overall sustainability;

          scrutinise aspects of the international actorness of the EU in climate negotiations;

          provide students with an opportunity to explore areas of special interest through their individual research papers;

          further develop students’ research and writing skills via their papers.


During the seminar students will:

          acquire knowledge on the ‘EU’s Climate Action’ approach  and European climate change policies;

          gain a general overview and understanding of sustainability;

          understand basic policy analysis practices and techniques and apply them in a workshop simulation;

          acquire academic presentation competences and workshop experience;

          practice free presentation and argumentation;

  • improve language skills through active communication in English.

Class Participation: 30%

Presentation: 30%

Final Essay/Research Paper: 40%


Students will have to actively take part in the single seminar sessions and present a selected topic in class. Moreover, they will write a research paper on a topic chosen from a suggested list of topics proposed by the instructor. The papers (4,000 words) will present in-depth analysis of and reflection on the theoretical and empirical aspects of the chosen topic. They shall be submitted by 31 August 2020.



Regular participation in the scheduled sessions is compulsory. Students are expected to be fully prepared to actively participate in the class discussions and exercises (including recommended reading, review of key study questions, and positive contributions to the discussions).

(for full list see OLAT) Arias-Maldonado, M. (2013)/Brown, B. J., Hanson, M. E., Liverman, D. M., & Merideth Jr, R. W. (1987)/Castro, C. J. (2004)/Cox, R. H., Béland, D. (2013)/ Fischer, S., Geden, O. (2015)/Geden, O., Scott, V., Palmer, J. (2018)/Hopwood, B., Mellor, M., & O’Brien, G. (2005)/ Jordan, A., van Asselt, H., Berkhout, F., Huitema, D., & Rayner, T. (2012)/ Kelemen, R. D. (2010) / Meadowcroft, J. (2000)/ Redclift, M. (2005)/ Sen, A. (2013).

positive completion of the module according to § 5 Para 1 No 1 and of the modules according to § 5 Para 1 No 2, 3, 5

Please be aware that basic knowledge of the political system of the European Union is expected. Participants are expected to have a good command of English. Yet, although English is the seminar’s working language, please do not worry if you are neither mother tongue nor fluent. You are here to practice and improve, and communicating in English is always a good way to do so.

N.B.: The first session of the seminar will be held in Brussels during Prof. Maurer’s 2020 Excursion to EU institutions.

24.04.2020, 10:30 bis 14:00, TBC (in Brüssel, Koordination über Exkursion Prof. Maurer)
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Fri 2020-05-15
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Fri 2020-06-19
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