608273 PS Literature in Historical Context

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PS Literature in Historical Context
PS 2

Methodically reflected analysis of literary texts and development of a well-founded understanding of the text using significant examples

Love adventures and adventurous rides

The courtly epic is one of the central genres of medieval literature. In particular, by means of two examples – the Iwein Hartmann’s von Aue and the Tristan Gottfried’s von Strasbourg – we will discuss motifs, structures and schematics of courtly literature in the Middle Ages.

Discussion, presentations,...

Discussion, presentation, test of text knowledge (Iwein in the second session, Tristan in the third session), short paper.


Hartmann von Aue: Iwein. Mittelhochdeutsch/Neuhochdeutsch. Hg. und übers. v. Rüdiger Krohn, komm. v. Mireille Schnyder, Reclam 2012. (or comparable issue)

Gottfried von Straßburg: Tristan. Mittelhochdeutsch/Neuhochdeutsch. Bd. 1 und 2. Hg. und übers. v. Rüdiger Krohn, Reclam 2002. (or comparable issue)

OR the issues of DeGruyter.

completed compulsory module 1

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