611325 VU/2 VU History of Spanish Literature and Culture

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VU History of Spanish Literature and Culture
VU 2

Knowledge of the "spatial turn" in Cultural studies, perspective of spatial philosophical theories, cultural history of the labyrinth, knowledge of Latin American authors of labyrinthine texts, especially in the tradition of Argentine speculative fiction.

What is a labyrinthine text? Is it a narrated labyrinth or else could it be a text which is related in a labyrinthine (experimental) way? We look at texts in the tradition of Latin American fiction that narrates twisting rooms, streets that lead nowhere, cities and libraries that seem endless. Our main focus will be prose (short story and novel), but we will analyse also selected poems. Authors will be (among others): Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Carlos Onetti, Julio Cortázar, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Samanta Schweblin and César Aira.


Presentation of the lecturer; text analysis (individual and group); discussion; short presentations by the students.

Course readings; active participation in discussions; short presentation; written essay at the end of the term.

A bibliography and a reader with the selected texts will be provided at the beginning of the term.

Please note that you should complete the seminar "Lektüre und Analyse" before taking this seminar. Please revise your notes on narratology;

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We start in the beginning of May in form of a block seminar in four meetings (fridays).


Friday, May 8, 11-12:30h (preliminary discussion); 

Friday, May 15, 11-18:00h (presentations by the students);

Friday, June 19, 11-18:00h (presentations by the students);

Friday, June 26, 11-18:00h (presentations by the students);.

Connected to this seminar is the oral exam of the reading list ("Leseliste Literaturwissenschaft Spanisch").

The exam must be completed in the following summer semester, at the latest. If you want to write your senior thesis in the course of this seminar, please let me know until the end of the second week of the term.

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Group 0
Date Time Location
Fri 2020-05-08
11.00 - 12.30 4DG14 SR 4DG14 SR
Fri 2020-05-15
11.00 - 18.00 4DG14 SR 4DG14 SR
Fri 2020-06-19
11.00 - 18.00 4DG14 SR 4DG14 SR
Fri 2020-06-26
11.00 - 18.00 4DG14 SR 4DG14 SR