626706 PS Gestaltung und Design schriftlicher Unterlagen in der Schule

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PS Gestaltung und Design schriftlicher Unterlagen in der Schule
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The aim of this course is to help students to become aware that visual design is important in the context of learning and teaching. The trainee teachers can expect improved learning outcomes and more attention from their future students through increased design sensitivity. In addition, an attractive learning environment creates not only functional advantages but also enjoyment of learning.

• Eight questions for well-designed teaching materials
• Clarity with information graphics
• Design forms
• Process insight: studio or gallery visit
• Dramaturgical principles for lectures
• Knowledge transfer in the book and textbook
• Desired topic
• Final presentation of your work
• Practical project work

Each lesson begins with input on theoretical questions, which are implemented, questioned and examined on the basis of a self-selected practical work. We understand design as a process of continuous improvement that moves along three strands of development: 1. Analysis of content, 2. Study of existing work, 3. Assessing reader needs

Active continuous participation and discussion contributions. Presentation and submission of the project work on the last lecture date.

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