626713 PS Wellbeing and the Future of Teaching

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PS Wellbeing and the Future of Teaching
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Basic orientation in personal and professional wellbeing; introduction to science-based interventions to improve wellbeing at the individual and systemic levels; innovative ways to teach wellbeing; connecting subjective wellbeing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Wellbeing interventions in the global context; wellbeing theory, e.g. PERMA; strategies to improve wellbeing at the subjective, personal level; examples of systemic interventions for wellbeing in the context of learning; background to SDG #3 on good health and wellbeing, and SDG #4 on quality education. You will implement and practice short-term, small-scale wellbeing strategies that has been used successfully in the global context

Interactive; appreciative inquiry; narrative methods

Mini-portfolio on personal wellbeing; narratives

Web-links during course presentation

Recommended reading:
Positive Nations and Communities: 
Wellbeing Research in South Africa: 

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