627820 PR Application Systems at School

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PR Application Systems at School
PR 2
  • Students master the use of standard software applications used in Austrian schools.
  • Students are able to analyze standard software applications concerning their suitability in the classroom.
  • Students are able to teach standard software applications in compliance with common principles and methods of the field of computer science education.

The aim of the course is to develop und strengthen the students’ competence in using standard software applications. The following types of standard software applications will be considered:

  • Standard software (general purpose applications ) in the area of ​​word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation software;
  • Specific applications of the vocational school system in Austria, including CAD-systems, specific modeling software , ERP-systems, image editing, video editing, audio editing;

In addition, students are expected to acquire counseling skills regarding the choice of appropriate software systems for different subjects in school.

Finally, students will learn how to teach standard software in school with reference to common methods and principles of the field of computer science education.

Lecture, workshops, assignments

Final exam, assignments (inclusive presentation and reflection of results)

not applicable
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zusätzlich 4h individuell, an Schulen
Group 0
Date Time Location
Fri 2020-03-06
16.30 - 18.30 rr 25 rr 25
Thu 2020-03-26
11.30 - 13.30 rr 25 rr 25
Fri 2020-03-27
14.30 - 18.30 rr 25 rr 25
Fri 2020-05-29
14.30 - 18.30 rr 25 rr 25
Fri 2020-06-19
15.00 - 17.30 rr 22 rr 22
Mon 2020-06-22
14.30 - 18.30 rr 19 rr 19 Barrier-free