640022 EX Historical Excursion: Berlin/Harzhorn

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EX Historical Excursion: Berlin/Harzhorn
EX 3

Getting aquainted with the classical collections of a European capital, heading for a comparative approach, visiting research facilities in Berlin.

The field trip will be done together with the Abteilung Alte Geschichte, Inst. f. Geschichtsw. an der TU Braunschweig: Visiting the Museumsinsel Berlin, research facilities (Deutsches Arch. Institut, Berlin-Brandeburgische Akademie der Wiss. – CIL, Berliner Antiken Kolleg). A field trip to the battleground at the Harzhorn south of Braunschweig will be part of our visit.

Lecture, discussions and students' presentations at the excursion

Students' presentations at the excursion

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In combination with 640023 (UE 1).

Participants of the BA History (603) will receive ECTS-credits according to their curriculum.

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03.-08.05.2020, Berlin/Harzhorn