645301 EX Historical Excursion

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EX Historical Excursion
EX 2
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Students are familiar with Oberlausitz´s history. They can profitably combine historical knowledge with current site conditions.

During the excursion, we will study and discuss selected aspects of Oberlausitz´s history at historic sites. Focal points are the Sorbian minority.  Mining and open-cast lignite mining, excavated villages and recultivated landscapes, socio-economic and ecological structural change, socio-natural spaces and regional identities, borders and (forced) migrations, changing political systems, political justice and prosecution by the Stasi.

Local guided tours, presentations of the course instructor as well as of the students. The latter will be prepared in the accompanying course (645302).

Oral and written presentations.

Will be announced the corresponding course (645302).

Successful completion of obligatory module 1

The excursion starts and ends in Bautzen, June 1 (Monday evening) until June 6 (Saturday morning). Visiting the UE of the same name is obligatory.

to be announced
2.-5.6. (indiv. An-/Abreise am 1./6.6.), Oberlausitz, Deutschland