703828 VU HPC and Data Science

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VU HPC and Data Science
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After completing this module, students know and understand a number of basic concepts of high performance computing, data science, and practical applications and can apply them. Students are furthermore able to pursue research efforts in the presented topics and implement small projects in the subject matter.

April 16th in Innsbruck:

  • Parallel Architectures for Data Analytics
  • Advanced Topics in Distributed Memory Systems
  • Programming Models for Accelerators
  • Multi-Objective Optimization in HPC
  • Clouds for Analyzing Big Data

July 2nd in Bozen:

  • Parallel Graph Analysis
  • Portein Coarse Graining Simulation. A Network-based Approach
  • Statistical Methods in Data Science
  • Temporal Series in Data Analytics
  • Tools for HPC Data Analytics

Participating students are required to complete a small project based on one of the topics presented (e.g. compose a survey paper, implement a small software project, etc.). These projects will then be evaluated and graded.

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This is part of a two-day school and entails full-day mandatory attendance for both dates (April 16th in Innsbruck and July 2nd in Bozen). Transportation from Innsbruck to Bozen and back will be organized and paid for by the university.

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