717043 UE Practical Course: Structure and Function of Plants

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UE Practical Course: Structure and Function of Plants
UE 2

The students have knowledge about methods to study the structure and physiologcal functions of a selected plant organ

The function of a selected plant organ with respect to its structure will be experimentally elaborated. Special focus is laid on the structural and functional variability of various organ types. The results are statistically analysed and presented as posters.

practical course

Oral presentation and scientific poster

Will be given during the course

positive certificate of the Mandatory Modules 7 and 9

VB Mo 02.03.2020, 11.00 Uhr (für beide Gruppen), HS A/Botanik
Blockveranstaltung: 25.05. - 29.05.2020 (für beide Gruppen), Übungsraum I, Mikroskopiersaal
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