744936 VU Scientific Writing

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VU Scientific Writing
VU 1
every 2nd year

Students will be able to structure logical written academic arguments.  They will be able to pose a central question in their writing, to introducing a thesis that addresses that question, and to support that thesis convincingly with evidence, including properly cited external sources. The course is in particular intended to prepare students for writing a dissertation.

Students will critically analyze examples of scientific writing and will complete writing assignments based on techniques presented in the classroom.

The course will consist of twelve one-hour sessions in seminar format, in which active participation is expected.  Reading and writing exercises between the sessions will form the basis for discussions and analysis in the classroom.

Grades will be determined based on written work submitted during the course, together with credit for attendance and active participation.

To be announced in the first lecture.

to be announced
16:00-17:00 on: 02.03, 04.03, 09.03, 11.03, 25.03, 30.03., 01.04., 20.04. 22.04, 27.04., 29.04., 04.05 , Seminar room 2/36 (2nd floor, VFH building, Technikerstr. 25)